Your Land Rover End of Loan Options

End of Loan or Early Payoff

Steps for the end of your loan or early payoff

01Turn off your automatic payments

  • If you have automatic payments through Chase, go to your account at, choose “Pay loan” and turn them off.
  • If you have automatic payments through another bank, go there to turn them off.
  • Keep in mind: We can’t turn them off for you. If you don’t turn off your automatic payments, you may be overcharged.

02Get a payoff quote

  • If you haven’t received a maturity notice from us, or you want to pay off your loan early, you’ll want to request a payoff quote.
    • Sign in to and choose your auto account.
    • Go to the “More” menu and choose “See a payoff quote.”
  • You won’t be charged a penalty for paying off your loan early, even if your contract lists a fee.

03Check your mailing address

  • We’ll mail your title or lien release to the mailing address that appears on your auto billing statements. Make sure to review your address with us and the DMV, and make any necessary updates before completing your payoff.

04Receive your title or lien release

  • We'll release your lien within 10 business days from the date your payment posts to your account. You can expect your title within 15-30 days. Please note that receiving your title could take longer depending on Postal Service delivery.
  • Depending on the state you live in, we’ll send you a title, a lien release or a confirmation of lien release.
    • If you live in a state that holds paperless titles: We’ll release the lien electronically, and you’ll get a confirmation when that’s complete. Then, you’ll get a paper title of ownership mailed to you from your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
      • If you live in Florida: You may request a paper title from the DMV since they won’t automatically send it to you.

For more info about titles and lien releases, go to our FAQs.

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